Thursday, 23 June 2011

sEEkErs oF knOwlEdgE...inshaAllah =)

remember what i wrote last night???about lessons from Surah Yusuf. i had stopped at lesson number 1 i.e. jealousy kills the heart. as what is usually quoted: jealousy is light a flame: it burnts itself before burning others. before the actions of the jealouser reaches the person who is jealoused, the jealouseer had first destroyed himself first. for Allah only decides to whom He wants to bless His rizq to. and by being jealous, it is although we're not satisfied with His decree for the person to receive his portion and not being thankful for whatever Allah had given  him previously. so, whenever we feel like wanting the same good thing that Allah has bestowed to those around us, pray that Allah will bless him through that good thing and adds to more to it, and Allah bestows the same for us too..inshaAllah =)

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