Tuesday, 21 June 2011

pie pie pie =/

today i planned to make an apple pie. but after beating the dough set it aside to 'rest' in the fridge, i suddenly just don't feel like it. yesterday i already made cheesecake, which is also sweet. so i decided to make beef pie with the dough. however, as i am not yet used to handle beefs, i had to wait for either my mom, sister, or maid. which none of them was home. and the beef pie turned out to a pizza (except that it the brown gravy.haha.) it was a failure, but i learnt new things. like
1. while frying the wheat flour (for the gravy), the fire has to be low so that the flour doesn't clump together.
2. the recipe my friend told me really worked, that is, just by frying the wheat flour (until it becomes brown) and add water after that really can produce a brown sauce
3. hrm..i can't think of no 3 yet.
hehe. and so, the pie-turned-out-to-be-'pie' was served at dinner (also with other dishes mind you). but i persuaded mom and dad to have some. along with my sisters. haha. my dad had always been the victim for our cookings. i remembered he had to do it for Along too..and now it's my turn. the cheesecake i made yesterday, i had it put in his lunchbox. and i also made asiah bring almost a quarter to her school. but then, guess what her friends said???it's delicious!!!alhamdulillah..tomorrow i've got to try the beef pie again..

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