Sunday, 18 March 2012

From a long lost friend

May Allah bless you, so dear, yet so far :')

Friday, 16 March 2012

Love like this... :')

“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, 
"You owe me." 
Look what happens with love like that. 
It lights up the sky.” 

Attributed to Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-73)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Syurga tu untuk siapa? – K J

In our everyday life, did we stopped a while, take a breath, and ask ourselves, if we are to die now, will our ending be good?

That was what I thought when K J asked the above question. K J is a tranversatite or “maknyah” as our society calls them.

It all happened about half a year ago, when my group and I had to approach K J and friends for a project we had to do as a fourth year medical students.

I too was once those who couldn’t help the disgust and would look away from them. Although it was most probably a reaction ignited by social stigma, never did I know how big the effect was.

Looking away equals to 'I don’t bother about you as long as you don’t bother me'. You can’t expect them to come and plead for your ‘bother’. The law is simple, from every action, there would be a reaction. The reaction from them is usually that, they too won’t bother about us. When they don’t bother about us, how can we expect them to listen to us when we try to invite them to the straight path?

Whatever happened to our principle of hating the sin, but not the sinner?

Isn’t our action actually equals to us hating the sinner? Who are we to hate the sinner? Are we ‘straight’ enough to be guaranteed jannah?

Remember the famous story that a prostitute was granted jannah, for she had given a drink to a dog?  Allah forgives His slaves who have sinned, but what about us?

I am not suggesting that we accept this sin, but what I am promoting here is for us to bring them back to the truth, but for that to happen, we’ll have to break this barrier. Just like how we try to help the drug-addicts, the premarital conceived Muslim girls and etc. Let's shift the paradigm, and do the same for them.

Didnt’t Allah say in An-Nisa’ 116

               Indeed, Allah does not forgive association with Him, but He forgives what is less than that for whom He wills. And he who associates others with Allah has certainly gone far astray.

So, let us too indulge in this form of da’wah, for they are the least (besides the orang asli) to receive it. Don’t send them away, don’t deprive them of the truth.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wanna bees~~~

Date: 26/12/2011

Alhamdulillah,baru terase 'hidup' setelah berhempas pulas dlm posting ortho utk 12 minggu yg lepas. puas!!! ble teringat exam dan result..hrmm, x payah la pike sgt..

Lepas 3 hari di kuantan tanpa case presentation, grand ward round, OT, seminar, dll, pulanglah sy ke kuala lumpur..(kne tggu 3 hari sblum blik sbb kne settlekan hal2 lain dlu.)

Plg seronok sekali hari sabtu lepas dapat pergi program Twins of Faith..betapa bestnya de, org2 yg pegi je tau..hehe..

Salah satu cerita yg disampaikan oleh seorang syeikh dalam program tu, yaitu, Syeikh Navaid Azziz..

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a faraway land (Madinah) during Amirul Mu'minin Umar Al-Khattab's Caliphate, a boy had came travelling to Madinah with his camel.

Along his journey, he had to rest and sleep, while his camel goes grazing, unfortunately in another fella's land.

That fella turns out to be an old man who wasn't that happy. The old man throw a stone to the camel, causing it to be injured and later die.

As the boy wakes up, seeing his camel in that condition, he too became angry and upset, and throw the stone back to the old man. The old man bleeds and died due to it.

The boy was uncomfortable with his action and waited at the spot until 2 men appeared, the 2 men turns out to be the sons of the old man. They too weren't happy and thus, brought the boy to see the Khalifah, which was Umar Al-Khattab.

During the proceding, Umar(ra) asked the boy whether he did or did not kill the old man. The boy confessed, however, he said that it wasn't his intention, and it was out of rage. But, the boy still had to be punished by Qisas, blood and blood.

This boy, however, asked if the execution could be postponed, as he is an orphan and he has a younger brother back home. His father has entrusted wealth to him, thus, he'll have to go back and make sure that his brother gets the wealth.

Umar(ra) was ready to grant him the postponement, with a condition, that he is to find a guarantor.

As the boy was a traveller, and no one in Madinah had seen him before, people were looking down at the earth, people aren't willing as the consequence would be that their head to be sacrificed. No one was looking up, he had to screen through the crowd for someone who's willing. 

Suddenly, a hand showed up, and guess whose hand was it? It was Abu Dzar Al-Ghifari's.

So, the boy was released to finish with his business.

The first day, people had already begin to wait, but there were no signs of him.

The second day, people started to become anxious.

The third day came, there was still no news about the boy. People started to get worried and anxious. Would it really be that Abu Dzar's head that's going to be chopped off?

The day was passing by, hours by hours.

It was past Dzuhur..
Past Asar..
Maghrib is nearing..

And that's the boy!!!(with his brother...) 
The boy was running towards Abu Dzar. Then Abu Dzar told him, the day hasn't ended, Maghrib hasn't come. So, Abu Dzar and the 2 boys came to Umar(ra). 

Umar(ra) was surprised that the boy showed up. So he asked him: 

" Why had you come back, you know that I would not send anyone to chase after you? "

What was the boys' answer???

He said: " Oh Amirul Mu'mineen, my reason is simple. I didn't want anyone to say that a Muslim was irresponsible and had not fulfill his words. How can I let someone who was willing to be my gurantor, be killed because of me?"

Subhaanallah..Umaa(ra) was amazed. He then turned to Abu Dzar (ra) as to why had he accepted the responisibility, as Abu Dzar barely knew the boy, and that it could cost him his head.

What did Abu Dzar (ra) say?
"I did it because I didnt want people to say that a Muslim had asked for help, and no Muslims were willing to help him. Even if it has caused my life, I would be a martyr, as I was innocent."

Umar(ra)  decided to carry on with the execution before Maghrib ends. 

The air was still again. A pious boy is to be killed.

The brothers then came up and asked the boy to be relieved as they had pardoned him. 

People began to get confused, Umar(ra) then asked the brothers why had they suddenly changed their decision?
The brothers said:

" We didn't want people to say that a Muslim has asked for forgiveness from another Muslim, and he was not forgiven."

Joy filled the air. Joy in the sound of takbir and tahmid. 

Subhaanallah. MashaAllah. How can I hold up my tears at that point of tume. May Allah make me and my family of those who follow the footsteps of these sahabahs, ameen.

Date: 10/3/2012

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Prayer...

Mutlu Cuma!!!( Happy Friday, Jumaah Mubarak :) )

We had an interactive session with Prof Ariff today on General Anaesthesia and Airway Protection. We introduced ourselves, the usual things, like our name, our hometown, our previous school and all... but there was an additional things that he wanted to know about us all...

1. Why we took up medicine?
2. Why we choose UIA?
3. What are our 5 year future plans?

My answer for the first question was:
" Honestly, i never really thought of taking up medicine as a field for my future life. I really can't imagine myself being anything or anyone at that point of time when I had to choose. It was my parents' guidance, but alhamdulillah, I am grateful being in this field, for I can now see myself going through humanitarian missions as a professional in medical field. And so that is one of future plans in 5 years time."

As to why I choose UIA, was simply because of the culture over here. The Islam that is here, and not just Muslims. I must admit, that there plenty of rooms to improve, but I guess, it's good enough if compared to other universities. 

In 5 years time, I imagine myself doing humanitarian missions and serving as a future Anaesthetist, inshaAllah..

Prof Ariff then opened up the story of the University opening post-graduate course for Anaesthesiology, and that I am welcomed to join and be accepted, inshaAllah. As the turn was goin to the next person, he said something that really made my day. Something special and precious, a prayer. He said:

" Hanisah, saya doakan awak dapat suami yang paling beriman, yang soleh. Yang akan membimbing awak di dunia dan akhirat, dan bercinta sampai ke syurga. Ameen."

Ameen Prof!!! Ameen!!! To receive that prayer, I feel ashamed of myself, as I did nothing to deserve it. Especially when it comes from a good practising brother in Islam, a lecturer, who prayed for me like a father would for his daughter. May Allah bless you today, bless you with the prayers of the mu'mineen, bless you with Iman, Islam and make you of those who steadfast on His way. Bless you and your family, inshaAllah Prof   :"]

For Prof Ariff and Family

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Alhamdulillah, just done with the mukhayyam of the year..can't wait for the next one ^_^

Oh Allah, thank you very much for the great day! (and daySSS) ^^..

Allah has blessed me during this mukhayyam as He had engineered that I  went to the programme with these beautiful people (my classmates)..may Allah bless them all..ameen :)

now what???


important notes:
1. Mingle with the society. If you think you're safe from the illness in it, think about the future generations then!!!
2. Let's change to a more soleh person everyday. 
'the only person I have to be better than, is the person I was yesterday' :')
3. To know dakwah, is to do dakwah!