Thursday, 23 December 2010

dear diary~

haha..i'm so sorry,i didn't take a picture of the crumbles i made.but i will post the-making-of finished on the same night,so what dya guess the taste was???hee..*perasan!!!*
byk bnde x t'buat time cuti nih..huu
tp byk jgak bnde yg t'buat..hehe..
isnin : pegi seremban n spent d night there..
slase : blik dri seremban petang..pastu tman mama tgk katil n tilam utk rmah baru..lpas tu, dlm pkul 5 cmtu..amek gha kat lrt..gha stayed with us for 2 nights..
rabu : asiah, jiha n me went to ice-skating  at sunway pyramid..mama brought us with her to DSH in the morning, n we mat k ya there, who sent and stayed, but didn't skate with us at the sunway pyramid..we stopped skating only at 1:20pm, after which k ya sent us to putra asiajaya..from there we reach klcc at around sson as we reach klcc,we went to pray n quickly rush up for the film..Tron legacy,3D..n yeah, we had loadzz of fun..we then went for asar, then only we had our lunch, it must've been after 5..we took a stroll around the fountain,n head for gelato ice-cream..we reached home nearly 7 that evening..
the best part is that we managed to pray on time throughout d day..hee..
thursday: jiha has to go home today because she have an appointment at kuantan at 2:30 i sent her at the lrt around 10..then went to my nenek's house n had breakfast 11:30 am went to  pick up my grandfather from his physio at HUKM..went to the bank..then pick up ma..went to tesco with nenek, we finished buying stuffs around 6..rushed home with asiah n nenek..had the intention to help around because baba had a few guests yesterday..but turned out to be, they didn't need my help..hehe..then by 9pm, we leave home to pick up a relative, n spent the night at nenek's house...
today,we're gonna take a trip to kuantan, spend a night or two there, i guess..then ma n ba will leave me at kuantan on the sunday..all i can say is that,i'm content!!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010


yup..i'm high..i'm going to suffer from withdrawal once the school break is over..
i just love get to do every single thing you wished to..hrmm..
this's undescribable..hehe..
it's almost a week of holidays..n yeap,i'm lovin' it..guess what,i'm making a strawberry crumble bars..yum3..can't wait..can't wait to show you the results..
well,i've better get on and have the most of my holidays..
i'm also planning to make my own personal purse..
n then,i want to make sure i'll visit the rumah solehah at least once in this week..
plus, i've also catch-up with my hafazan..
i'm not pro in driving yet, but i think i'm confident enough to drive places where i've not been,which is quite an improvement from me..
it's a wonder how ppl only realizes what they've got,until and only, what they've got is only what they've left..hehe..
well, x paham xpe..huu..
k..chowzz chin chow..slmz =>

Monday, 15 November 2010

monday yg x sbrape blue..huu..(sbab esok nk blik..)

huu..sok ad klas kul 8..xtau lg abes kul bp..pastu,ad klas kul 3 wat short case, better la..n then, BLIK!!!yeay..huu..x sabanyer..nk blik..hihiihihi..
to day is hari arafah, org2 yg tgh wat haji g wat wukuf, bkumpul kat pdg arafah..dlm salah satu hadis Rasulullah

Daripada Jabir telah berkata : telah bersabda Rasulullah S.A.W yang artinya : Apabila tiba hari Arafah maka sesungguhnya Allah telah memuji dengan mereka para malaikat maka kataNya : lihatlah kepada hamba-hambaKu yang telah datang padaKu dengan berdebu dalam keadaan berduyun-duyun daripada setiap pelusuk, Aku bersaksi depan kamu(malaikat) bahawa Aku telah mengampuni mereka. Maka kata malaikat : Sesungguhnya ada di kalangan mereka pulan telah baligh dan pulan.Sabda baginda lagi : Allah berfirman: sesungguhnya Aku telah mengampuni mereka. Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W : maka tiada daripada hari lebih ramai orang yang bebas daripada neraka daripada hari Arafah. 
- Hadis isnadnya sohih dikeluarkan oleh Ibnu Khuzaimah dan Baihaqi-

Lagi satu...

Daripada Sayyidatina ‘Aisyah bahawa Rasulullah S.A.W telah bersabda yang artinya : Tiada daripada hari yang lebih ramai daripada membebaskan Allah padanya hamba daripada neraka daripada hari Arafah. Dan sesungguhNya akan mengasihani, kemudian Dia bangga depan malaikat maka Dia bertanya : Apakah yang dikehendaki oleh mereka itu? 
Hadis isnadnya sohih dikeluarkan oleh imam Muslim, Nasai’e, Ibnu Majah, Ibnu Khuzaimah, Darqatni, Hakim dan al-Baihaqi –

Hari ni digalakkan berpuasa bg org2 bkan sedang mlaksanakn ibadah haji..sbbnye......

Rasulullah S.A.W telah ditanya mengenai puasa hari Arafah (9 Zulhijjah)? maka jawab Rasulullah S.A.W yang bermaksud : Dikaffarah(diampun dosa) setahun lalu dan setahun akan datang. (Sahih Muslim)

Moga2 kte smuer tergolong dlm mereka yg diberikan keampunan oleh Allah, dan dibebaskan dari api neraka..amiin..

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

those thoughts..evil whispers..

jgn mngeluh..kan x baik..kte da try sdaye mungkin,klu blum rezeki,sabar kejaaaap je..nti mesti Allah bagi..Allah tunda je la sbabye..hikmah yg kte x nmpk lg..kte da try,tu yg pnting..tu kn sunnatullah,sp yg cube n brusaha, pasti brjaya..sp2 pn mcm,don't give up..those thoughts are evil whispers..don't listen to them..they want to see you fall..that's all..keep on going!!u've got something big in the future, and with big ambitions,comes big trials!!!yeaaah!!hanisah!!!jgn putut asa!!!try ur best again..don't ever give up!!!ingat org2 trsyg..huuu..

Monday, 28 June 2010

sling bag

guess what??i made this!!!it took me 1 and a half hour..well..i'm not experienced with,i'd thought of giving it a try..hehe..(hence,the time)..just that i'm on hols n have this free piece of, yeah..*heee*

Saturday, 26 June 2010


can't believe i actually have this thing!!i've been wanting to create one ever since..but didn't due to some reasons..

when i tried to sign up for this thing today,i can't..because it seems that i've already had one using the same email..hahaha..i can't even rmmbr when i signed up for this thing,must have been years back..huu..don't know what am crapping about,can't wish for u to understand either..hehe..sorry bout that...

i just wanted to make this thing because i wanted to view my friends' blogs n comment on em..
but anyways,should anyone come across this page one day,u're very much welcome n apreciated..assalamualaikum would be the right prayer..

p/s: in case anyone wonders why it's in english..the reason is that i'm trying to practise the language..i'm not yet practising it in the real world,so i'm trying it,mind the broken words n phrases..hehe..

that's quite all folks..see u around..slms..