Sunday, 19 December 2010


yup..i'm high..i'm going to suffer from withdrawal once the school break is over..
i just love get to do every single thing you wished to..hrmm..
this's undescribable..hehe..
it's almost a week of holidays..n yeap,i'm lovin' it..guess what,i'm making a strawberry crumble bars..yum3..can't wait..can't wait to show you the results..
well,i've better get on and have the most of my holidays..
i'm also planning to make my own personal purse..
n then,i want to make sure i'll visit the rumah solehah at least once in this week..
plus, i've also catch-up with my hafazan..
i'm not pro in driving yet, but i think i'm confident enough to drive places where i've not been,which is quite an improvement from me..
it's a wonder how ppl only realizes what they've got,until and only, what they've got is only what they've left..hehe..
well, x paham xpe..huu..
k..chowzz chin chow..slmz =>

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