Saturday, 29 January 2011

once upon a week =)

alhamdulillah..a week has passed.. a week full of lessons and datelines..but alhamdulillah, we all enjoyed it..earlier in the week we were packed with presentations, tutorials n seminars..most of the classes n presentations were in sudden cancellation and different styles of lecturers..agak sulit untuk diceritakn dgn ape2 pn,ktorg blaja byk jgak..huu..and for our group we have an extra load because it was our turn to go into the,we've got to find our own extra time to get on with our case write-up, which is due on friday (which was yesterday)
for the case write-up,alhamdulillah, i got my case on saturday last week..and managed to get everything done just in time..

tp kte hidup bkan sbg robot kn?mjalankn rutinnya yg sama saban hari,tanpa arah tujuan dan matlamat..yg hanya tahu tunduk pd arahan..yg rutinnya mkn, minum n tdo (tp robot xleh mkn, minum n tdo)'s more than that..tidaklah Allah ciptakn manusia tu dgn sia-sia..selain ilmu medic yang menjadi kewajipan atas diri ni, ilmu islam juga harus kutuntutkn..ini adalah untuk tarbiah diri sendiri..

alhamdulillah, diberi kesempatan untuk 'ber'-usrah, ptg khamis (lpas OT n seminar)..smpi lmbt,tp msih sempat bersama2 k su dgn adik-beradik usrah yang lain..tazkirah disampaikn oleh k su adlh mengenai tujuan asal hidup..hidup manusia adlh utk berperanan, dan bkanlah bermain2..sebab, Allah tidak akan menciptakan apa sekali pn dlm keadaan sia2..dan kenapa manusia sendiri nk sia2 kn hidupnya dengan kelalaian dan keseronokan yang merugikan..

dlm berperanan, tmasuklah tanggungjawab2 kte sbg seorang hamba kepada Tuhannya, seorang anak, seorang kawan, seorang murid, dan plg tidak lupa skali, sebagai seorang umat..stiap insan tidak akan lari dari yg mbezakn adlh, mcm mn kte mlaksanakannya..dan sekali lg, yg mbezakn cara kte mlaksanakannya adlh bl kte tau knaper kte mlaksanakannya..dan mengapa perlu kte melaksanakannya sedemikian rupa..seperti bezanya orang yang menuntut ilmu untuk ujian akhir tahun dgn org yang menuntut ilmu kerana ingin tahu..dan tak perlulah bg kita mengata orang, tapi pertikaikanlah usaha kte penulis harap untuk memperbaiki dirinya sendiri..

marilah kte same2 renungkan kembali surah al-asr..walaupn pendek, tp byk yg dapat kte ambil pelajaran..
[1Demi Masa!
[2Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian -
[3Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh, dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar. 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


bismillahirrahmanirrahim..there are too much to be improved..among what had been obvious lately, temper (bkan tempe..hehe) had been easy lately for me to shout at people..i've raised my voice to a few people within the last 2 days..wonder if i could blame the hormones..i'm sure i'm not usually this way..(hope so!)..though sometimes it made me feel satisfied, but thinking back, not cool!!!i would get annoyed if there had been anyone like that what someone mentioned to me once, patience is when you wait peacefully.. nothing gets changed by being angry, you'll only provoke people..and stimulate their reflex to defend themselve..which is to fight you back..and in the end, guess who wins???syaitan, of course..
that's why Rasululullah (s) had reminded us that the strongest person among you is not the one who wins at every fight, but one who is able suppress his anger..because by that, he is able to beat the an invisible, but ultimate enemy of every human kind, the syaitan.. May Allah bless and give strength to keep on going with a positive and healthy mind..and to be constantly patient in all cases that are required..inshaAllah..

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

peace of mind is unexpected..perhaps it was a sequence from yesterday..i slept well after maghrib to wake up only at 12.30 midnight.. i thought then i wouldn't be able to sleep anymore for the rest of the night (which is actually a good thing because i've gotta catch-up with the case write-up)..turn out, i can't help it by 4, i woke around 6.30 to get the day started n the ward, there wasn't much thing happened..just regular clerking, ward rounds n all..after that, had lunch n went to jhc to continue my around 2.30 pm, we went to follow clinic..

at the clinic, there had been a few patients before this chinese uncle came..our specialist was clerking him and asking him questions in mandarin (and of course my friend n i couldn't understand)..our specialist went to ask a question then suddenly the uncle burst into tears..the room went silent..after a few moments have passed, the specialist had finished with the uncle n the uncle went with her niece to leave the room..

and the dr. went "you guys didn't know right what i was talking about that the pakcik cried?"..n the dr. went "have you ever thought of not getting married???after finish medical school, housemen n medical officer, be a paediatrician, then be a neonatologist..n suddenly, when you realized it, you're already too old to get married???"well, i could sense that at this point of time, where we are going to..

then the story began:

"the pakcik happens to not get married at his age (the uncle must have been 60+)..he was doing fine n ok..but  his dream of living in his home,peacefully, at jerantut suddenly shattered when he had a head injury..although he wasn't debilitated at any part physically, he was cautious to not live on his own because he was scared that if anything happened, there wouldn't be anyone around.."then he went on.."of course he could have love and care (as in tumpang kasih) from siblings and nephews or nieces..but even then, each and every person has their own life..this is not an accusation, but it's just how normal people matter what,the nieces and nephews are still other ppl's, who to care for him??the old folks home.."

it's very sad to hear the story, we almost cried listening to the the pakcik must have had tried so hard to keep his tears back,but he was defeated then..n then, our dr went on talking and giving some advices..about socializing, who to trust, about being careful in choosing, n most importanly, is not to let ourself into the situation..then there was a point when reminded us that money isn't everything (couldn't rmmbr how he got there)..n of course, there are many more advices, but i couldn't write (or remember) everything..

so, the moral of the story, you'll never want to live alone and go into the old folks's human nature to have the sense of belonging, since a child, until his deathbed..but of course, nothing in this world lasts forever..when the time comes for us to leave, there are only 3 things that keeps on benefitting us. As our Porphet Muhammad saw had thaught us:  "Three things help a man after his death, and these are: a charity given by him, a good habit he taught to others and a good offspring he leaves behind, who prays for his forgiveness."