Wednesday, 26 January 2011


bismillahirrahmanirrahim..there are too much to be improved..among what had been obvious lately, temper (bkan tempe..hehe) had been easy lately for me to shout at people..i've raised my voice to a few people within the last 2 days..wonder if i could blame the hormones..i'm sure i'm not usually this way..(hope so!)..though sometimes it made me feel satisfied, but thinking back, not cool!!!i would get annoyed if there had been anyone like that what someone mentioned to me once, patience is when you wait peacefully.. nothing gets changed by being angry, you'll only provoke people..and stimulate their reflex to defend themselve..which is to fight you back..and in the end, guess who wins???syaitan, of course..
that's why Rasululullah (s) had reminded us that the strongest person among you is not the one who wins at every fight, but one who is able suppress his anger..because by that, he is able to beat the an invisible, but ultimate enemy of every human kind, the syaitan.. May Allah bless and give strength to keep on going with a positive and healthy mind..and to be constantly patient in all cases that are required..inshaAllah..

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