Saturday, 26 June 2010


can't believe i actually have this thing!!i've been wanting to create one ever since..but didn't due to some reasons..

when i tried to sign up for this thing today,i can't..because it seems that i've already had one using the same email..hahaha..i can't even rmmbr when i signed up for this thing,must have been years back..huu..don't know what am crapping about,can't wish for u to understand either..hehe..sorry bout that...

i just wanted to make this thing because i wanted to view my friends' blogs n comment on em..
but anyways,should anyone come across this page one day,u're very much welcome n apreciated..assalamualaikum would be the right prayer..

p/s: in case anyone wonders why it's in english..the reason is that i'm trying to practise the language..i'm not yet practising it in the real world,so i'm trying it,mind the broken words n phrases..hehe..

that's quite all folks..see u around..slms..

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