Tuesday, 3 August 2010

those thoughts..evil whispers..

jgn mngeluh..kan x baik..kte da try sdaye mungkin,klu blum rezeki,sabar kejaaaap je..nti mesti Allah bagi..Allah tunda je la sbabye..hikmah yg kte x nmpk lg..kte da try,tu yg pnting..tu kn sunnatullah,sp yg cube n brusaha, pasti brjaya..sp2 pn mcm,don't give up..those thoughts are evil whispers..don't listen to them..they want to see you fall..that's all..keep on going!!u've got something big in the future, and with big ambitions,comes big trials!!!yeaaah!!hanisah!!!jgn putut asa!!!try ur best again..don't ever give up!!!ingat org2 trsyg..huuu..