Thursday, 23 December 2010

dear diary~

haha..i'm so sorry,i didn't take a picture of the crumbles i made.but i will post the-making-of finished on the same night,so what dya guess the taste was???hee..*perasan!!!*
byk bnde x t'buat time cuti nih..huu
tp byk jgak bnde yg t'buat..hehe..
isnin : pegi seremban n spent d night there..
slase : blik dri seremban petang..pastu tman mama tgk katil n tilam utk rmah baru..lpas tu, dlm pkul 5 cmtu..amek gha kat lrt..gha stayed with us for 2 nights..
rabu : asiah, jiha n me went to ice-skating  at sunway pyramid..mama brought us with her to DSH in the morning, n we mat k ya there, who sent and stayed, but didn't skate with us at the sunway pyramid..we stopped skating only at 1:20pm, after which k ya sent us to putra asiajaya..from there we reach klcc at around sson as we reach klcc,we went to pray n quickly rush up for the film..Tron legacy,3D..n yeah, we had loadzz of fun..we then went for asar, then only we had our lunch, it must've been after 5..we took a stroll around the fountain,n head for gelato ice-cream..we reached home nearly 7 that evening..
the best part is that we managed to pray on time throughout d day..hee..
thursday: jiha has to go home today because she have an appointment at kuantan at 2:30 i sent her at the lrt around 10..then went to my nenek's house n had breakfast 11:30 am went to  pick up my grandfather from his physio at HUKM..went to the bank..then pick up ma..went to tesco with nenek, we finished buying stuffs around 6..rushed home with asiah n nenek..had the intention to help around because baba had a few guests yesterday..but turned out to be, they didn't need my help..hehe..then by 9pm, we leave home to pick up a relative, n spent the night at nenek's house...
today,we're gonna take a trip to kuantan, spend a night or two there, i guess..then ma n ba will leave me at kuantan on the sunday..all i can say is that,i'm content!!!

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