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Date: 26/12/2011

Alhamdulillah,baru terase 'hidup' setelah berhempas pulas dlm posting ortho utk 12 minggu yg lepas. puas!!! ble teringat exam dan result..hrmm, x payah la pike sgt..

Lepas 3 hari di kuantan tanpa case presentation, grand ward round, OT, seminar, dll, pulanglah sy ke kuala lumpur..(kne tggu 3 hari sblum blik sbb kne settlekan hal2 lain dlu.)

Plg seronok sekali hari sabtu lepas dapat pergi program Twins of Faith..betapa bestnya de, org2 yg pegi je tau..hehe..

Salah satu cerita yg disampaikan oleh seorang syeikh dalam program tu, yaitu, Syeikh Navaid Azziz..

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a faraway land (Madinah) during Amirul Mu'minin Umar Al-Khattab's Caliphate, a boy had came travelling to Madinah with his camel.

Along his journey, he had to rest and sleep, while his camel goes grazing, unfortunately in another fella's land.

That fella turns out to be an old man who wasn't that happy. The old man throw a stone to the camel, causing it to be injured and later die.

As the boy wakes up, seeing his camel in that condition, he too became angry and upset, and throw the stone back to the old man. The old man bleeds and died due to it.

The boy was uncomfortable with his action and waited at the spot until 2 men appeared, the 2 men turns out to be the sons of the old man. They too weren't happy and thus, brought the boy to see the Khalifah, which was Umar Al-Khattab.

During the proceding, Umar(ra) asked the boy whether he did or did not kill the old man. The boy confessed, however, he said that it wasn't his intention, and it was out of rage. But, the boy still had to be punished by Qisas, blood and blood.

This boy, however, asked if the execution could be postponed, as he is an orphan and he has a younger brother back home. His father has entrusted wealth to him, thus, he'll have to go back and make sure that his brother gets the wealth.

Umar(ra) was ready to grant him the postponement, with a condition, that he is to find a guarantor.

As the boy was a traveller, and no one in Madinah had seen him before, people were looking down at the earth, people aren't willing as the consequence would be that their head to be sacrificed. No one was looking up, he had to screen through the crowd for someone who's willing. 

Suddenly, a hand showed up, and guess whose hand was it? It was Abu Dzar Al-Ghifari's.

So, the boy was released to finish with his business.

The first day, people had already begin to wait, but there were no signs of him.

The second day, people started to become anxious.

The third day came, there was still no news about the boy. People started to get worried and anxious. Would it really be that Abu Dzar's head that's going to be chopped off?

The day was passing by, hours by hours.

It was past Dzuhur..
Past Asar..
Maghrib is nearing..

And that's the boy!!!(with his brother...) 
The boy was running towards Abu Dzar. Then Abu Dzar told him, the day hasn't ended, Maghrib hasn't come. So, Abu Dzar and the 2 boys came to Umar(ra). 

Umar(ra) was surprised that the boy showed up. So he asked him: 

" Why had you come back, you know that I would not send anyone to chase after you? "

What was the boys' answer???

He said: " Oh Amirul Mu'mineen, my reason is simple. I didn't want anyone to say that a Muslim was irresponsible and had not fulfill his words. How can I let someone who was willing to be my gurantor, be killed because of me?"

Subhaanallah..Umaa(ra) was amazed. He then turned to Abu Dzar (ra) as to why had he accepted the responisibility, as Abu Dzar barely knew the boy, and that it could cost him his head.

What did Abu Dzar (ra) say?
"I did it because I didnt want people to say that a Muslim had asked for help, and no Muslims were willing to help him. Even if it has caused my life, I would be a martyr, as I was innocent."

Umar(ra)  decided to carry on with the execution before Maghrib ends. 

The air was still again. A pious boy is to be killed.

The brothers then came up and asked the boy to be relieved as they had pardoned him. 

People began to get confused, Umar(ra) then asked the brothers why had they suddenly changed their decision?
The brothers said:

" We didn't want people to say that a Muslim has asked for forgiveness from another Muslim, and he was not forgiven."

Joy filled the air. Joy in the sound of takbir and tahmid. 

Subhaanallah. MashaAllah. How can I hold up my tears at that point of tume. May Allah make me and my family of those who follow the footsteps of these sahabahs, ameen.

Date: 10/3/2012

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