Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Prayer...

Mutlu Cuma!!!( Happy Friday, Jumaah Mubarak :) )

We had an interactive session with Prof Ariff today on General Anaesthesia and Airway Protection. We introduced ourselves, the usual things, like our name, our hometown, our previous school and all... but there was an additional things that he wanted to know about us all...

1. Why we took up medicine?
2. Why we choose UIA?
3. What are our 5 year future plans?

My answer for the first question was:
" Honestly, i never really thought of taking up medicine as a field for my future life. I really can't imagine myself being anything or anyone at that point of time when I had to choose. It was my parents' guidance, but alhamdulillah, I am grateful being in this field, for I can now see myself going through humanitarian missions as a professional in medical field. And so that is one of future plans in 5 years time."

As to why I choose UIA, was simply because of the culture over here. The Islam that is here, and not just Muslims. I must admit, that there plenty of rooms to improve, but I guess, it's good enough if compared to other universities. 

In 5 years time, I imagine myself doing humanitarian missions and serving as a future Anaesthetist, inshaAllah..

Prof Ariff then opened up the story of the University opening post-graduate course for Anaesthesiology, and that I am welcomed to join and be accepted, inshaAllah. As the turn was goin to the next person, he said something that really made my day. Something special and precious, a prayer. He said:

" Hanisah, saya doakan awak dapat suami yang paling beriman, yang soleh. Yang akan membimbing awak di dunia dan akhirat, dan bercinta sampai ke syurga. Ameen."

Ameen Prof!!! Ameen!!! To receive that prayer, I feel ashamed of myself, as I did nothing to deserve it. Especially when it comes from a good practising brother in Islam, a lecturer, who prayed for me like a father would for his daughter. May Allah bless you today, bless you with the prayers of the mu'mineen, bless you with Iman, Islam and make you of those who steadfast on His way. Bless you and your family, inshaAllah Prof   :"]

For Prof Ariff and Family

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