Sunday, 19 June 2011

my sunday~

alhamdulillah,finished the two-day course today. following which the whole family went to a family friend's house for our parent's college reunion. good foods, mashaAllah.

there were many things i learnt. bro nuruddin told us of many things, while the topic was on shariah specifically. we started off from the basics. from its definition, its sources, how the scholars differ and why they differ. it came to me, that there are lots of topics discussed within my community that are not really important. i am not saying that it is not important at all, of course ppl would like to know why they differ, and what's the basis of their customs. but there isn't any need to fight with each other, creating disunity, belittling others. when even the scholars have agreed to disagree. what to me is the most important lesson i learnt, is that, in the context of muamalah, which includes most of human dealings (with the exception of specific worships), it is halal until proven otherwise. how much this statement would change the way someone would view or think if another asks him about the rulings in Islam.

i would, inshaAllah, post details about it, but not tonight.

another thing that amazed me is that the brother knew the reference to his points. he could quote the Quran and the Hadiths well. i was impressed with him, just as i am impressed with my doctors (ie lecturers), who seems to know answers to most questions. alhamdulillah, there is such delegating and dedicating Muslim these days. 

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