Wednesday, 22 June 2011

sEEkErs Of knOwlEdgE...InshaAllah =)

alhamdulilah. truly, all praises are to Him. tonight is special, i was given a chance to listen to a very wonderful talk by Brother Reda Bedeir. i found his speech like a flowing river, very smoothe saling, polytonous (if i may use that word). have you or anyone told you that there are just some ppl whom when they say something, it goes into the heart directly. and as though at the first encounter, it would stay there foever. and i find this brother that way. may Allah bless him, and bless Islam with him. he reminded me of syeikh anwar al-awlaki. the topic for the night was about Surah Yusuf. there were so many things that came out from his mouth, and i felt like catching every bits of it. but i could not, He started of with with a story of a sahabah, name Tsauban (as). He is known to have a very compassionate heart for the Prophet (saw), as what Rasulullah(saw) felt for him. whenever he could not meet with Rasululullah (saw), he would be anxious, crying, and in his heart, his only wish is to meet with the Prophet(saw). One day, Rasulullah (saw) saw him, and he appeared pale. Rasulullah asked him why. and he replied: "Oh Rasulullah, now i could see you whenever i miss you. but one day, either i will go away first or you. and there will the Hereafter. you are promised jannah. and i don't know if i may enter it. and even if i do, you are promised al-firdaus. then i'm afraid that i would not see you again". Tsauban was already crying at this point.

and do you know what Rasulullah (saw) replied???Rasulullah (saw replied: You will be those whom you love <3

and the brother went on with surah Yusuf. he didn't narrate the surah to us, neither did he explained the whole tafsser with us. and i could see why, for the time was jealous. jealous???that was among the lessons learnt from surah Yusuf. jealousy is forbidden, but for two things. i.e.
1. towards someone who studies the Qur'an, act upon it and spreads it
2. towards someone with good wealth i.e. clean wealth, gives out sadaah and zakats too

as of now, it's already past 1 in the moring. gotta have some sleep. slm <3

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