Saturday, 18 June 2011

sEEkEr Of knOwlEdgE..iNSHaAllah =)

alhamdulillah, given a chance to attend a course by Muslim Professional's Forum(MPF), the speaker was Syeikh Nuruddin Lemu. When my dad first announced that we (by that i mean my sisters and i) had to attend a two-day course over the weekend. we weren't excited, well, i am certainly was not excited. hehe. when no 5 asked about the speaker, and my father mentioned Syeikh Nuruddin Lemu, i was also certained i've heard the name. It was mentioned by a speaker, whom i've heard from while i was still in Kuantan, perhaps, just a month back. the speaker spoke highly of Syeikh Nuruddin. and that moment, i wasn't unexcited anymore. i want to know this great syeikh, or at least hear directly from him. so i did this morning. it was great. refreshing and new-insight, of things that i knew and thing i didn't. i am so delighted that i had that chance. tomorrow would be another day.
i want to grab as much things as i can, inshaAllah =)

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