Sunday, 22 July 2012

Taxi with Ba

today, is supposed to be a day-off for me..i managed to get the dress for Aisyah's wedding 1/4 done.  Went to visit Atuk's kubur, and there's not much actually :(

but one thing happened that touched my heart today. as Ba n I was going to pick up his car from the carwash in JJ, we weren't sure of either taking the taxi or just drive another car. but then, we saw a taxi just at the end of the little road at the back of our house. so, Ba just asked if he could send us off to Jaya Jusco (where there is Ba's favourite carwash),. The taxi driver replied with a yes but asked us to wait a few seconds because he wanted to pay the taxi rent.

teksi Malaysia
it was the first i'd knew that a taxi driver would have to rent the car (ie his taxi) before he could go on searching and earn his living.

i know, it's just like a shop-owner had to rent the shop-lot before he could start his business.

but then, with all the hardwork, may Allah bless his efforts and rizq he gets through it.

anyway, as Ba and I waited, we decided that I'd pay for the ride as Ba didn't have small change.

so, we started the ride, after the taxi driver finished his dealings.

the taxi driver and Ba went on chatting like adults (which I could not hope to hop in!)..

and the taxi driver went on narrating why he had to rent the taxi on his own, which was because he had been cheated by a friend in some ways.

and that being a taxi-driver is only his part-time job (which could mean that he is also doing other jobs)

as we were passing through Taman Jaya, the taxi driver pointed to us a house of a widow, with 3 children, all were mentally disabled. living on her own (i can;t remember if he said anything about her having a job), her husband passed away about 3 months ago (if my memory served me right). he visited the house and really, he saw nothing except one single-sized bed. at times, they really had to eat only rice and salt.

then, we asked about whether or not the Surau committee knew about it, or the Social Welfare Department, i couldn't remember whether he said he didn't know or it wasn't enough.

he said that he would sometimes, once a week, go to market, cook extra dishes and send it to the family.

he addded with 'kte ingat kte dah susah, rupenye ad org lagi susah'...

him? a taxi driver? who had to work hard for his earnings? subhaanallah, such a big heart in that small taxi. may Allah accept from him his deeds. may we all follow his footsteps, ameen.

lafter a few minutes, we reached JJ, where he dropped us. he said the ride was RM7.50, before I could take out the money from my purse, Ba asked me to leave (remember that Ba and I had agreed for me to pay as he had no small change?). and I know Ba, he would have paid the guy some fifties, and some for the widow's family.

may Allah bless Ba too.

Allah has blessed me sooooooo much by letting me live this life around wonderful people, for me take heed and learn from them. may Allah include me and all the people above among the Muhsineen. Ameen.

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