Saturday, 21 July 2012

My thoughts: 1st Ramadhan 1430

This day, last year my family and I was in Makkah. I did my first umrah a day before, the noon before the first Maghrib of Ramadhan.

I had a problem, thus, I cannot perform the umrah even after 3 days of arrival to the Land of Masjidil Haram. It was Ba who remained with me to do tawaf and sa'i as everyone else had made the umrah twice before I could perform mine. 

He needn't to actually, but because I'm his daughter and he is my father, he did so, even under the hot sun and difficult walks of 7 rounds circling the Ka'bah, and another 7 times of to-and-fro  of Safa and Marwah. How can I repay him? I'll do my best, but Allah's reward is really, the best for him.

We did the tawaf before dzuhur, prayed dzuhur, and then continue for sa'i.

All that being said, later in the day, we reached the masjidil haram before it had adzan, thus, we heard the call to prayer within the haraam. We stayed till Isya', did our first tarawikh in Makkah, before we could have our dinner. We didn't want to leave the haraam because we knew it was going to be difficult for us to get in again if we had leave. Thus, following dinner we rented a taxi to get to Bir Ali for miqat and niyyat

Some of us performed the umrah straight away, some did the next morning. Muslims would take the chance to perform umrah at least once in Ramdhan, because of one Rasulullah's (saw) hadith: 

taken on 28/7/2011 during Turkey-Urdun-Haramain trip '11
Ibn `Abbâs relates that Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) asked a woman from Madinah: “What prevented you from embarking on the Hajj pilgrimage with us?”  
She replied: “We had two camels. My husband and child took one and left the other for the rest of us to ride on.” 
The Prophet (peace be upon him) then told her: “When the month or Ramadan arrives, go for ‘umrah, because `umrah in Ramadan is like accompanying me on Hajj.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî (1764)]

There isn't much that I wrote about this trip of ours last year, perhaps, it's time that add values to it.
May Allah grant us the rizq to go there again, together. One day, InshaAllah. Ameen.

May Allah grant us all a better Ramadan this year than last year. 

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