Thursday, 17 May 2012

ba :')

today i remembered ba a lot..

hari ni teringat sgt kat ba..teringat wktu time ktorg smue sekolah rendah lg..along n angah g al-amin, me n mayah went to IIC..the two schools is about 5-10 minutes apart, so ba used to send us in one go..

the thing is, al-amin starts at 7.30 am n IIC at, me n mayah would usually arrive at IIC much earlier, around 7.30..

but ba, was a great father when i think back..he wouldn't just drop us like that at 7.30..
instead, he'll park n let us stay in the car until almost 8..even in that short interval, he cared..
he let us sleep until the time comes..sometimes he sleeps too..sometimes, when both of us don't sleep, he would recite to me his memorization..once, it was al-kahfi..

when it's almost 8, only then we'll leave the car, then he'll go to the hospital..

n now that i've grown up, i still do rebel at times..n not only that, i did nothing that has made him proud.. :(

he deserves all the good things in this world n hereafter..may Allah forgive all his sins and place him with the Prophets n Sahabaahs in Jannah..ameen

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