Thursday, 18 August 2011

time: limited edition

sometimes, it's warm. just yesterday, when i woke up in the morning, and the house was still quiet. nenek just sat beside me and told me the stories of her life. as she gets on with her story, and i just listen, i realized that, for a moment, she isn't getting herself tired, but still content. she suddenly forgets about the things that would usually lead her to yell. perhaps it's that easy, i said at the back of my mind.

from her stories, i learnt about adults and us. how much we differ. how much time has changed. and at that moment i could see the reasons of why sometimes she insists of something so much. why most adults would do that. like someone with OCD would. honestly, i'm one who is allergic to OCD people ( you can ask my friends..) but what i also realized, there's so much love and kindness behind everything. that she really didn't like to yell. that she also likes for things to be quiet.

life isn't long. people say, age eats you away. it's okay to lose to them sometimes, before you lose them forever. you might think that maybe they'll lose you forever first, but so what, in the end, it's not their gain, it's yours. do you think that every sacrifices you made is for them? no. it's for yourself. as mom said it. "jangan ingat bila kita buat baik kat orang, itu untuk orang. tak, sebenarnya untuk kita." because in the end, we are the ones to collect the fruits in akhirah. sometimes, you have to have patience. and for quite a bad-tempered girl like me, it's really a test. and i would have to repat to myself, "waktu anis kecik2 dulu sp yg jage?sape yg kne jage anis waktu baba n mama g kje?nenek..."

so, this is for nobody else, but me. a reminder for myself. a friend said " the only person i have to be better than, is the person i was yesterday" ^_^

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