Thursday, 2 February 2012


After what to me seemed a hard day, it was rewarding when I got to play ping2 with my friend, TWICE!!!
Well, i think that's what happen when you're a medical student, you appreciate every little not-from-medicine thing.

We actually planned to go for swimming, but when we went to the sport's complex at 9pm, it was closed.So that's why we did another game of ping2.

Which to me is unfair, because the facility was made for students. Just because the semester students are taking their leave, we (the medical and dental students) who are not on holidays, could not go use the sports complex from 8-10pm (which is the USUAL opening times during weekdays). Are we not students too?  hmph, anyways, they had already voice this out to the student's council. hoping that something is being done, inshaAllah.

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